Yesterday, when i checked Spam folder i almost had an HEART ATTACK!

Larry from EA sent me mail that MeleeKart is "so-called rip-off of Need for Speed". WTF Man? It's NON-PROFIT. i wouldn't sleep after it.

THANK GOD that the MeleeKart article in Wikipedia got deleted, i was affraid of what could happen next.

Anyway, today it would've been made clear that it should be the day i announce MeleeKart's difference with Need for Spped.

  1. Yes, they both are open world, BUT MeleeKart is more cartoonish and Need for Speed is realistic.
  2. In MeleeKart, police cars don't chase you.
  3. In one Need For Speed game, there's the THINNG called Hot Pursuit which has 100 places, meanwhile, like other racing games, MeleeKart only has twelve
  4. MeleeKart has charatcters that look bit anime-ish, but in Need for Speed the character isn't usually been shown!