MundoShill (a.k.a. Laser Pikachus) here.

Here's the thing now.

We need ideas and engine for the project called Project Mundo, as we need suggestions and entries for

  • Domain names
  • AI engine
  • Physics engine
  • Story
  • The game's name
  • Programming help
  • Design
  • Genre
  • Charathers
  • Some helping game development team

And you can mail (most of) them to my public Gmail here.


  • If you want to request a production company in (like Mane6 or Sumo Digital) for existed game development team (MeleeKart Team) or for new game's development, then find the developer's website, find the developer's mail address on the site, write that you want the developer come in to development team, send mail, comment here that "I sent to mail to (developer's name)". If developer answers no, you can try again. If developer says yes, send them a link to twitter (@ShouterboxGames) and say that they need to send us a tweet that they joined in. Examples are:
    • Mane6
    • Sumo Digital
    • HAL Laboratory (of Nintendo) (look up Rare to see the consequence)
    • Nisshinken
    • Rocksteady Studios
    • Acquire (Japanese game developer)
    • Rare Ltd (of Microsoft Studios) (if you send them a mail, after they read it, they need to talk about it with Microsoft)
    • Playstation C.A.M.P. (of Sony Worldwide Studios)
  • If you want to send a charather (or two), draw a picture of the charather, send it to my Gmail with a description and a name. Also say what is your name or alias.
  • If you made a physics engine or have a suggestion of it, write about it to my Gmail (what's it's name and link to where you can download it (if you done it) or a website (if it's a suggestion). I might reply soon after i see the mail next time i check it.) If you want the physics engine Tatsu (by Miles Morton, the programmer), please send this to my mail:
I want your physics engine Tatsu for use of my game (your game's name). I will 
appriciate if you do give me the physics engine.
  • If you have a genre suggestion, send the name and explenation of what does it mean to my Gmail.
  • If you have a story part suggestion, send the suggestion to my mail and i will read it.
  • If you made a website with domain name (no something like (something) or godaddy, just original site) and need pictures and some help, send a mail about it to my Gmail. I will reply with pictures and a text appearing there.

That's all for me, but don't forget to check out our Twitter. Thank you for reading and don't forget the instructions.

MundoShill out.

~MundoShill (talk) 09:30, June 29, 2013 (UTC)