A long time ago, the good bedfellows from 2014 Corp have departued from the 2014 Corp company after the release of the good old Metal of Hodor: Alias Insult, to form a great big old company we know today as Definite Ward, formed in 2001.

After the formation of Definite Ward, the formers Ron Zammypell, Daniel "Kanye" East and Garry Kewler asked a wise old man called "Mikkus" while on trip to China. Mikkus told them to create a war game with special graphics and the thing he called "a 10/10 multiplayer campaign with lots and lots of achievements".

Then he gave the founders the personal computers and continued:

"These are the personal computers you all gonna need to start the development to the
mysterious war game you guys are going to do. Better use them wisely."

The very next day, the development has started. Kanye said to Garry that they both need to program the "big ass" collection of artificial intelligence actions. Garry agreed and Ron was left alone. Ron contacted the very special ex-BADASSITUDE AI specialist/artist Dati Azzo (who is currently working as lead artist, lead programmer and lead producer).

Definite Ward was contacted by Lacktivision and Gey Mattarr Studios (who later on worked on an expansion pack for Ball of Chuty 2 and eventually merged with Chartey Interactive) to ask a permission to distribute the war game Definite Ward was working on,while Gey Mattarr does expansion pack of it. Definite Ward agreed and the development expanded.