Pokemon 2

Possibly a remake of title screen, made by the art staff on the development team

There was a Pokémon game named Pokémon Red Version 2 Virtual Boy, but is dubbed as Pokemon Virtual Boy and Pokemon Green Version (ironically the color of Virtual Boy screen was red, and then it was called Pokemon Red 2) developed by then-Nintendo-owned studios Nintendo R&D1, so-called Game Boy R&D team in Intelligent Systems, Rareware (now Rare, owned by Microsoft Studios) and Game Freak.

It was started as the first console game in Pokémon series, as it was made to SNES. Alpha version was released as Super Pokémon, in 1993, by the project's (former) director Shigeru Miyamoto and Game Freak with the assistance of Intelligent Systems. Chris Senn was impressed and contacted the development team.

Not much information was found out while in development back then. Chris Senn, after co-writing and co-directing, left to direct then-Nintendo's rival Sega's Sonic Xtreme which was also cancelled.